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Best Perks & Features of Satellite TV Service from ClearFire TV

Best Perks & Features of Satellite TV Service from ClearFire TV

Get the Best Satellite TV Package for You and Your Home

Many satellite TV services offer the same channels and prices to their customers. Finding the right satellite TV service to meet your specific needs is not easy. ClearFire satellite TV service has become even more impressive since its partnership with DISH network. With exciting perks and features, with ClearFire you have satellite TV that can't be beat.

The New Dish Hopper: The Best Satellite TV DVR

Customers agree that one of the best perks of ClearFire TV is its top of the line HD DVR receiver The Hopper. With the Hopper, you get more storage space for your favorite TV shows--as much as 2000 hours of TV time. This DVR is better than any other receiver on the market. The Dish Hopper gives you is the option to record as many as 6 TV shows at the same time. You then can watch them at your leisure without commercials. The Dish Hopper truly improves on everything you have ever wanted from your DVR and home satellite TV service.

Get Direct Digital Perks with Mobile Portable Satellite TV from ClearFire TV

When you opt for ClearFireTV, you get more HD TV channels Get Direct Digital Perks with Mobile Portable Satellite TV from ClearFire TV than you ever thought possible. ClearFireTV delivers more HD TV channels than any other TV service provider in the nation. That means a clearer picture and better digital quality than ever and your favorite channels delivered in high definition.


DISH Anywhere Keeps You Mobile

Dish Anywhere mobile portable digital satellite TVThe mobile app called DISH Anywhere is a new ClearFireTV feature that came as a part of the DISH Network partnership. You can use the app on your mobile device so you get to take your TV with you, no matter where you go. Once you have a ClearFire satellite TV installation, you simply download this top rated mobile app and get portable satellite TV wherever you go, even in cars or your RV!

Discover The Blockbuster@Home Movie Service

Another exciting perk from ClearFire's DISH Network partnership is the Blockbuster @ Home Movie Service that is a part of your exciting ClearFire TV package. When you sign up for service, you automatically get 3 months free of Blockbuster@Home service. Operating system Much like Netflix, this ClearFire satellite TV feature gives you more than 20 movie channels, On Demand movies delivered via the satellite TV system in your home and you can even choose from the huge array of DVDs, games and Blue-Rays. Change out your movie with in store or online options you can receive by mail.

These are just a few of the many features that make ClearFire TV the number one best choice for your new direct home entertainment solution. Combined with cutting edge technology, clear picture quality and an unbeatable price, ClearFireTV is what you want for your home. Call now to get started with your FREE set up and satellite TV installation.